We offer Security Services for Hospitals and Medical Centers;  We safeguard staff, patients, visitors inside and outside the property, as well as protect valuable property, provide safe parking and do surveillance. The healthcare environment is complex and evolving; faces many risks and security challenges due to the presence of identities with varying risk profiles. The Allied CPR Security team is up to the challenge and will take proactive steps to keep the facility and personnel safe.

Our Allied CPR Security teams follow guiding experts, that have experience of complex military guarding system and can offer all-embracing solutions for example, we can design variety of systems for guards for example, Controlling access to and egress from sensitive areas (as determined by the organization), patrols, personnel management. Whatever services you require, our professionals work with you to meet needs, from developing and maintaining an entire integrated security plan and system, to providing security guards or technology to enhance a system already in place.

Our vetted officers are highly trained to spot unforeseen events and criminal activities, as well as to assess and protect more vulnerable areas. With large hospitals or medicals centers being open 24hrs and 7 days week, and usually having 12-200 entrances, hundreds in staffs in and out, security is generally needed, especially for safety of lives.


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