Community / Neighborhood Cooperative for Security and protection

"your own security guard protection on your street corner, guarding you and your neighbors "

Disclaimer: We are not law enforcement officers, we are licensed security officers; we can protect, prevent, or arrest/record when a crime is being committed and also be a witness. We can pass along evidence or hand over the arrested offender to local police, only if a crime has been committed and witnessed by us, We can arrest offenders according to Penal Code 837 PC.

Consider our guarding service which offers short commitments to long commitments, any time range coverage and has customizable integrations

It's Cost efficient

Residents typically split the cost. The more households sign on, the smaller the cost"

Apartment Complex, Gated Neighborhoods, Public Neighborhoods, Condominiums.

ALLIED CPR provides entire neighborhood residential security for clients requiring a presence based on reliable training, professionalism, and experience.

We have security officers that knows what to look for in closed and public communities in order to keep the residences and properties safe.



Fully equppied

Ready for any security job

First Aid/ CPR/AED

Ready to react to first aid emergencies

Professional Security Guards

Licensed guards in California