School security in Los Angeles county.

Allied CPR Security Guard are highly trained specifically to handle normal school activities (for assistance and prevention) as well as handle the most difficult threats with proper response and timing. They are constantly on guard at all times. Nowhere is it more due diligence to have trained personnel than at our schools and colleges .

With Allied CPR Security, you can depend upon our guards to be a part of your team. From patrolling and monitoring: hallways, stairwells, toilet facilities, and outside facilities such as Fences, doors, gates to additional public and unsupervised places of the school, our officers  ensure the safety and well-being of students and staff as well as the security of the facility.

Our guards ensure a smooth traffic flow of students through the hallways; always ready to assist students with on-time arrival to class and to their assigned locations. They provide assistance with supervision during the breakfast and lunch periods as well as with the morning arrival and afternoon dismissal of students. Whenever necessary and with the permission of the Principal, our officers are specially trained to deal with and remove disruptive students from classes, without using any abusive force or violence.

Procedures and Emergencies

    • Support compliance and ensure quick response to emergencies and evacuation protocols with Fire & life safety systems and monitoring 

    • Improve security capabilities in remote or hazardous areas with augmented robotic security devices and sensors. 

    • Understand your school’s unique risks and improve preparedness and response to disaster and crisis events with assessments, best practices and active shooter and emergency preparedness training and drills conducted with by our team of risk advisory experts. 

  • Whether communicating an immediate security breach, directing visitors, students, and public figures on game day, or actively monitoring each site 24/7, Allied CPR delivers the solutions to reduce risk and improve response to events and incidents.

Our Image and Ideals

Allied CPR Security prides itself on serving as a valuable part of your team. We participate in appropriate in-service and workshop programs. We promote student responsibility for their behavior and attitude, and serve as a role model in every aspect, including dressing and grooming professionally.


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