CPR Renewal & Recertification sameday via Video Chat in Los Angeles county


Class Format: Online + Classroom

Language: English

Location:  we send our equipment via uber/lyft (high standards of sanitization required and enough space for social distancing 6ft at least for class of two or more)  and an open air area like a yard or public park near by)


We offer onsite training for your employees via webcam, staff or students. You provide the learning environment and we will provide equipment and training via video chat with an certified instructor.

The Learning environment requirements

• open ventilation of outdoor air entering environment
• Providing enough soap, hand sanitizer and disinfectant in the environment
• Enough space for social distancing

Our Course: Blended-learning-hybrid


  • This is a Adult and Pediatric First aid & CPR/AED Blended Learning Course
  • Learn to check for breathing
  • Learn to do adult and pediatric cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  • Learn how to use  Automated External Defibrillators on adults and infants
  • Learn how to care for choking adults and infants with “Heimlich maneuver”
  • Course is updated with the newest science
  • Hybrid class, half of the class is taught through online learning and after an Red Cross certified instructor conducts video-based and hands-on lessons and works with students to complete their First aid, CPR and AED skills practice and testing.
  • Duration is 2.5 hours on the online portion before meeting the instructor and an hour with the instructor

Upon completion of the Red Cross requirements for certification, students receive an American Red Cross certificate card that is valid for 2 years.

Blended Learning Class Instructions:

 First step, purchase the class.

Second step, choose a class course link same as the class purchased, links found in the main menu (online classroom). The link will lead to red cross online learning portion of the class, where the student must first sign up and complete the online portion, then you will receive proof of completion of the online learning, which is emailed to the student.

Third step, the student must show the email proof or a print proof  to the instructor in the day of  the skill session portion of the class and must pass requirements. (without the proof of completion the student cannot receive the red cross training certification card  in the Blended Learning class).

Final step, make sure to leave a email to your first aid instructor to receive the red cross certification card through email, after passing the class.

Additional information

Number of Students

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