Delivery CPR Manikin Rental for May 23rd 8:00am – 9:30am for Adult & Pediatric First aid & CPR/AED Blended Learning Course


100% Fully-Refundable Equipment Deposit of $50 plus a 20 non-refundable delivery fee. Return equipment to our pick up and drop-off locations  within Return Date (May 24, 2020)8am-10am of remote session for fully-refunded security deposit. Classes missed or rescheduled within 24 hours of a scheduled session are assessed a $10 per person rescheduling fee.

Rental Includes Adult manikin & Pediatric manikin, AED trainer,  disposable First aid bandage & disposable CPR training mask.

Equipment Drop-off Location: 8826 Ocean View Ave. Whittier, CA 90605

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Delivery date (May 22, 2020) text will be sent one hour before delivery

Return Date (May 24, 2020)8am-10am

Equipment Drop-off Location: 8826 Ocean View Ave. Whittier, CA 90605

LATE CHARGES: If any amount under this Agreement is more than 1 days late, Lessee agrees to pay a late fee of $ 10     per day until the item is return.

SECURITY DEPOSIT: Prior to taking possession of the Equipment, Lessee shall deposit with Lessor, in trust, a security deposit of $ 50 as security for the performance by Lessee of the terms under this Agreement and for any damages caused by Lessee or Lessee’s agents to the Equipment during the Lease Term. Lessor may use part or all of the security deposit to repair any damage to Equipment caused by Lessee or Lessee’s agents. However, Lessor is not just limited to the security deposit amount and Lessee remains liable for any balance. Lessee shall not apply or deduct any portion of any security deposit from the last or any month’s rental. Lessee shall not use or apply any such security deposit at any time in lieu of payment of rental. If Lessee breaches any terms or conditions of this Agreement, Lessee shall forfeit any deposit, as permitted by Law.